Common Senior Living Problems

Common Sales & Marketing Problems

After working with sales and marketing directors in the senior living industry for the past 3 years we’ve found many common problems and issues that continually come up. We’ve worked hard to clearly identify the main 3 sales and marketing issues and craft specific and unique solutions for each one. Read through the common problems below and the corresponding solutions.

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1) Lead Generation

“Our Communities Need More Leads”

Problem: Not enough lead volume and/or not enough qualified lead volume. And/or no way to track and measure the channels leads are coming from.
Current State: Aren’t converting enough of their website traffic.
Desired State: Clearly defined conversion paths and strategy to increase conversion/lead volume over time.
Solution: Lead Boost

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2) Connecting CRM/ROI Reporting

“We can’t connect our CRM to our marketing data”

Problem: The over-reliance on disconnected technology which limits the ability of marketing programs to show direct impact on occupancy rate. They have no idea which marketing methods are driving tours/move-ins.
Current State: Can’t accurately connect marketing efforts to move-ins & revenue
Desired State: Marketing data & sales activity seamlessly integrated.
Solution: Sales Connect

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3) Following Up with Prospects Over Time

“We have no clearly defined resident journey”

Problem: No clearly defined digital process to take a prospect from website visitor, to lead, to qualified lead, to move-in and a no way to measure & improve upon each stage of the funnel.
Current State: Leads that are generated aren’t being effectively nurtured into residents over time.
Desired State: Immediate & consistent follow up process to ensure best experience for prospects and most efficient conversion process for the community.
Solution: Full Funnel

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4) No Educational Content for Prospects

“We have no content strategy to help educate our prospects”

Problem: No way of consistently creating content that both attracts and educates potential residents or their families.
Current State: Blog (or no blog) with minimal content being published in a sporatic and un-optimized way.
Desired State: A consistent process for creating and publishing quality content that both attracts more website visitors as well as acts as an educational resource for potential prospects. Consistent stream of premium content. I.E. Blog articles, downloadable e-books, whitepapers, checklists, etc.
Solution: Content Strategy Document & Content Program

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- Mike T.

“Working with NextWave has been hugely instrumental in improving our digital program. Since working together we’ve been able to dramatically improve our conversion rate and the number of new residents from digital. Great agency to help get you started with inbound marketing. Highly recommend!”

- Mike T. / (Digital Marketing Manager)