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At NextWave our business is to help grow your business. We only work with communities that will see a fast return on investment from our services. We create custom programs using the following marketing services for assisted living communities in order to strategically increase occupancy over time. If you’re serious about growing your business in a sustainable and repeatable way please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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The Inbound Marketing Process

Inbound Marketing turns your website into a magnet for your ideal resident persona. Rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects' attention, inbound marketing earns the attention of customers by providing useful, relevant content.


Attract Visitors to Your Site.

Gain the attention you want from your target customers by creating valuable, relevant content that will help you get found in online searches and drive visitors to your website.


Convert Visitors Into Leads

Now that the visitor has reached your site, it’s time to convert them into a lead by offering a free piece of downloadable content (such as an e-book) that they can download.


“Nurture” Leads Into Customers.

Once a new lead has downloaded content from your website you’ll want to offer them even more relevant content they might find useful and nurture them through the sales funnel.


Turn Customers into Promoters

Now it’s time to over-deliver on your service to your new customer. Continue to send them helpful, useful information and hopefully you’ll create an evangelist for your company.

MIT Study on Hubspot & Inbound Marketing - It Works!



Hubspot users saw 4.10x more website visitors in one year.



Hubspot users saw 3x more leads from their site within one year.



Hubspot users saw a 72% increase in revenue within one year.



96% of customers agree HubSpot helped them meet their marketing goals.

Full Funnel Marketing Services

If your senior living community is looking to grow we can help you achieve your goals. Our tailored programs help to increase website visits, generate more inbound leads, and help to schedule more on-site tours of your community. In order to achieve your business goals we use a variety of tactics. Click into each service below to learn more.

Conversion Rate Optimization

“CRO” or conversion rate optimization is the science of optimizing your website to collect the most and best qualified leads for your business. Conversion rate optimization can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is about offering direct value and guiding your prospects towards becoming real customers. Lead generation can be challenging however if you really understand your customer you’ll be on the right track.

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Marketing Automation

Tired of manually following up with every new lead to schedule a tour? By correctly utilizing marketing automation, we enable you to automate much of the process of converting a lead into a new customer.

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Content Marketing

The vast majority of your website visitors are not ready to buy. They’re looking to consume content that is educational and helps them in making their purchase decision. Our content programs make your website a “go-to” source for information.

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Lead Management

Lead management is the science of nurturing leads into customers through customer education, lead scoring, and qualifying. This is where marketing and sales come together to convert a lead into a customer.

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Chatbot Implementation

Chatbots enable you to talk directly with prospects through your website and decrease the amount of time it takes to capture a lead. This is especially effective in senior living to combat paying a lead refferal service.

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CRM Implementation

By having us help with your CRM implementation you’ll be able to track residents from their first interaction with your site all the way until they become residents at your community.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a term that gets thrown around often. In short it means helping your site show up in search results. It encompasses many aspects including: on-page optimization, link building, URL structure, and citations to name a few.

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Analytics & Reporting

Through powerful analytics tools we help you to gain insight into your entire funnel. You can see which tactics are working and how different initiative impact the bottom line of your community.

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A large part of our inbound programs revolves around actively blogging on our client’s websites. Creating, optimizing, and publishing fresh content is one of our specialties and a cornerstone of inbound marketing.

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PPC (Pay-Per Click)

If you’re looking to get instant, highly targeted traffic to your website PPC is a great place to start. We supplement many of our inbound programs with pay-per-click advertising. Click to learn more about PPC.

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Growth Driven Design

If it takes any longer than 3 seconds for any of your webpages to load, you’ll lose 40% of your website visitors, according to eConsultancy research. Your website doesn’t just need to be informative. It must be easy to use, simple to navigate, and rapid fast.

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Is your assisted or independent living community’s website not generating the volume of quality of sales leads you’d hoped? Are you still pounding the pavement to schedule on-site tours and increase your occupancy rates? Download our free guide to inbound lead generation for senior living facilities and start generating leads today!

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