Inbound Sales for Senior Living

Engage Prospects, Convert Tours, and Sell Better.

Sales has changed. The Internet has dramatically changed the way prospective buyers evaluate companies and make buying decisions. Yet with all this change in the world, sales strategies remain basically the same today as they were decades ago. Instead sales needs to be tailored to match the way that people buy in today’s world. Our inbound sales services are here to tackle this issue.

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inbound sales for senior living

The Core Inbound Sales Services

There's a lot that goes into setting up the inbound sales process. However once implemented these services can drastically improve the senior living sales process and make your communities much more efficient.


Visualize Prospect & Resident Data

  • Define Deal Stages and Custom Fields
  • Initial CRM Data Migration
  • Lead Routing to Sales Directors
  • Custom Reports for Executive Directors
  • Ongoing CRM Data Cleanup
CRM Implementation


Enhance Your Community’s Sales Process

  • Email Template Creation/Optimization
  • Sales Sequence Creation/Optimization
  • Sales Document Library
  • Case Study Creation
  • Implement Messages App
Sales Enablement


Align Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

  • Resident/Adult Child Personas
  • Define MQLs and SQLs
  • Define Lead Stages for Prospects
  • Booked Tour & Move-In Reporting
  • Establish Sales Content Plan
Sales & Marketing Alignment

CRM Implementation

Visualize Prospect & Resident Data

An easy to use CRM is now vital to any sales organization. However having a CRM that integrates seamlessly into your marketing tools and data is where things are heading. This capability enables companies to create what’s called “closed loop” reporting – the ability to track a prospect from initial marketing activity all the way to becoming a customer…Click Below to Learn More.

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Sales Enablement

Enhance Your Community’s Sales Process

Buyers have more power than ever before. Research suggests most prospects now complete up to two-thirds of their research before contacting a vendor, making it harder than ever for sales to maintain control. To adapt to this change, your sales process needs to be aligned with the way your prospects buy and in a way they will love…Click Below to Learn More.

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Case Study

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Align Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

Sales and marketing are continuously and increasingly integrated in today’s world. Marketing needs to know more about sales, sales needs to know more about marketing, and each department needs to know more about CUSTOMERS. The more aligned these two areas become the better the experience becomes for the customer and the more effective our organizations can become…Click Below to Learn More.

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